Do you need help managing your chronic pain, stress and exhaustion?

I’m Amy Lewis, founder of CranioWave, and I’m honored to help. I help YOU change the way you take care of yourself by helping you pay attention, access your body wisdom, center and engage routines that sustain you not drain you.  Next, I help you with those painful restrictions and  invisible and ever present blocks in your body so you can  manage pain stress and exhaustion and get your life back on track with ease, joy and confidence!

Optimal Health is to live joyfully, fully and successfully.  What helps you attain Otimal Health is your ability to adapt with ease to your everyday stresses, the load of your pain and your level of energy.

Adaptability is weakened when our reaction to stress diminishes our energy or when your pain gets to great or your exhaustion has you dragging through your day. We become overwhelmed, stuck and overloaded.  Sound familiar?


Our bodies work around our held life experiences, stress and trauma until the load becomes too much; that’s when we develop those all too familiar symptoms  like these…

Ready to get started so you can release your load and restore your balance, confidence and joy?

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Love and brilliance,

Amy Lewis




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