Hello, I’m Amy Lewis, founder of CranioWave.  There is a saying in Craniosacral circles that says, ” Your body carries your life experiences until the load gets too great, and then you start developing symptoms.” I help those of you who suffer from too many symptoms of chonic pain and stress heal so you can be healthy,  happy, energized, and less stressed.

When you have renewed your vital energy and restored your body,mind and heart to Optimal Health, you discover all -day energy, restful sleep, relaxed focus, a joyful heart and daily balance! 

Chronic pain, and stress can do more damage to your health so you have less energy, more pain, stay stuck, can’t sleep and continue to spin in that viscous cycle because your load is way too heavy to carry.  Sound familiar?

Ready to get started so you can release your heavy load of symptoms and  release your pain, feel rested, improve your health, gain all-day energy and  gain the balance you crave?  

I invite you to stop chasing your pain and stress; start releasing your pain  & stress stuck in your body; and renewing your vital energy so you learn those needed tools to maintain a healthy personal P.A.C.E.TM  and gain the balance you crave.  

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Live healthy, well and wise,

Amy Lewis Lic.NVMT. 2652

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