” Your body carries your life experiences until the load gets too great, and then you start developing symptoms.”  ~Robyn Scherr, CST-D

Hello, I’m Amy Lewis, founder of CranioWave ® and Change your PACE, Change your Life! ®    

If you are suffering  from chronic pain and need help then you came to the right place!

If are have debilitating headaches or migraines; neck or back injury, concussion or fractured skull, whiplash, hip pain that is getting in your way of having good health, peace of mind and time for what matters most then your load is too heavy and your symptoms are unmanageable.  Sound familiar?   Not sure what you can do to help yourself heal?

I invite you to look around my website and see if Craniosacral therapy may be the just the thing to get you back on track to being a healthier and happier you!  Click the links below to contact me or get more info!

If you are a heart centered massage therapist, craniosacral therapist or healing arts professional go to my Programs and services page and check out all of my Change your PACE, Change your Life! ®   courses that help you take your practice and your clients from Burnout to Bliss!

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Live healthy, well and wise,

Amy Lewis Lic.NVMT. 2652

CranioWave ®, LLC

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