Hello, I’m Amy Lewis, founder of CranioWave and Change your PACE, Change your Life.TM       

 ” Your body carries your life experiences until the load gets too great, and then you start developing symptoms.”  ~Robyn Scherr, Craniosacral therapist

If you are suffering  from chronic pain like debilitating headaches or migraines; neck or back injury, concussion or fractured skull, whiplash, hip pain then your load is too heavy and your symptoms are unmanageable.  Sound familiar?  Not sure what you can do to help yourself heal?

Do you struggle with the constant barrage of living in the mental torture chamber and suffer from over planning, overdoing,  pushing through  at expense of your self then you are dealing too much stress. Not sure what or how to help yourself?

I invite you to STOP chasing your pain and stress stuck in your body so you can START releasing  it and heal for real. You need help and I am here to help you.

 If you are sick and tired of your pain and would like to explore what you can do to release it and heal with  someone who is compassionate and dedicated then click below for a consultation with Amy.

If you are ready get a handle on your stress so you can boost your health, enhance your peace of mind and cultivate time/energy for what matters most then connect with Amy by clicking below.

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Live healthy, well and wise,

Amy Lewis Lic.NVMT. 2652

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